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Best Ways to Secure Your Shipping Container

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

When it comes to securely moving products across large distances, the sea is still the backbone of logistics. An incredible 31 million twenty-foot equivalent units of cargo were shipped across the Pacific Ocean last year alone. Of course, these units are no longer just used for logistics, and cargo container modifications are helping to repurpose these units into everything from residential homes to portable offices.

However, while there can be no denying the many benefits that these shipping containers can provide, they are also a popular target for thieves. No matter whether the unit is being used to transport goods or as a portable office, they are likely to have high-value products inside, so how do you keep yours protected? In this blog post, we thought we would take a closer look at how you can secure your container.

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Modulate Container Portable Office

How vulnerable is your shipping container?

Theft from shipping containers is a major issue impacting the industry. Research compiled by specialist insurer TT Club found that while in-transit theft has decreased slightly in recent years, the number of shipping containers being broken into while in storage is rising.

While locks are becoming increasingly advanced, the doors are still the main target for thieves. There are several ways that they could attempt to pry them open, but the most popular include:

  • Brute Force

Sometimes there is nothing better than sheer force. If the container has no security system or secondary lock, then a pry bar and pressure can see the door open, giving the criminal full access to your belongings.

Thankfully, when carrying out cargo container modifications, you will be able to add more advanced locks and security features to prevent this risk.

  • Lock picking tools

Another very popular method of breaking into containers is to pick the lock. Unfortunately, there are a wide array of tools available that will allow criminals to open your locks with enough time.

  • Bolt cutters

One of the simplest methods to break into a unit is to use a pair of bolt cutters. These high-duty tools can quickly cut through a padlock or the metal on one side of the door.

How can you keep your shipping container secure?

Estimates suggest that there are up to 170 million shipping containers in the world today, which means they are a high-value target for criminals. So how can you keep yours safe? Thankfully, there are many different cargo container modifications that you can make to keep your goods, portable office or temporary home safe and secure.

  • Locks

One of the first cargo container modifications that owners make is to upgrade the locking systems. Criminals are looking for easy solutions to break into, and the more time and noise it takes to gain access, the higher the chance of them being caught.

That is why you should focus on adding heavy-duty and anti-tamper locks to your door. Things such as crossbar locks and container lockboxes are designed to make it extremely difficult for thieves to use cutting tools to break into your unit.

Shipping Container Lockbox

  • Add security bars or awnings

Of course, if you are planning to make cargo container modifications in order to make the space usable as a portable office, then you will need to add windows. This will allow a natural flow of light and create a more inviting appeal for workers; however, it can also be a prime target for criminals.

Adding security bars or awnings to your windows can make it considerably more difficult more someone to break into your modified shipping container.

  • Paint

This might seem a strange security feature, but criminals are always looking for the easiest solution. A storage container that is tucked away out of sight and looking non-discrete is far more likely to be a target compared to a visible and eye-catching solution.

That is why you should focus on ensuring that when undertaking cargo container modifications, you are looking at the visual appeal, too.

Yellow Shipping Container Portable Offices

  • Alarm systems

No matter whether you are looking to create a residential unit or a portable office, you will need a power supply. That means that you will be able to add alarm systems to your unit in the same way you would to your normal home or office.

There is a wide range of alarm systems that you could incorporate as part of your cargo container modifications. The noise of these alarms is a great deterrent to criminals, and there are now many systems on the market that will provide you with instant alerts that someone is trying to gain access to your container.

  • Video surveillance

Technology has come a long way in recent years, and alongside the more traditional alarms, you can also add video surveillance to your unit. Research has shown that the visual appearance of CCTV and surveillance cameras can reduce crime rates by up to 13%.

These systems can be very easy to install during the cargo container modifications and can work around the clock, giving you complete peace of mind. Just as you can with the traditional alarms, these systems can instantly alert you of intruders and record the footage so that you can pass it on to the authorities.

Shipping Container Security

  • Add fencing

When it comes to protecting your portable office or residential unit, you want to make it as hard as possible for thieves to gain access. That is why installing additional security measures around the exterior can be a major deterrent.

Fencing is one such step that can be highly effective. Adding fencing around the exterior can not only help to increase the amount of usable space that you have, but it can also make it far more challenging for thieves to gain the required access to your container that they need to break into it.

  • Location

Of course, the best thing about these shipping containers is that they are portable! So if your unit is currently hidden away off of a main road or is in an area of higher crime, then you could consider moving it to a safer location.

Thinking carefully about where you are placing it can immediately make it far less appealing to criminals, significantly reducing the risk of you being targeted.

Looking to make cargo container modifications?

Are you looking to make cargo container modifications? Thinking of creating your own portable office? Whatever it might be, Modulate Containers is here to help you. For over two decades, we have been helping our clients reinvent shipping containers, transforming them into whatever they desire.

Shipping Container Portable Office

We know how important security is, which is why we pride ourselves on delivering the very best products possible and everything we complete is finished to the highest standards. This gives you complete peace of mind that your belongings are safe.

Want to find out more about how we can help you? Give us a call on 1300 278 or send us an email at to discuss your next shipping container modification project with us.


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